The NAP Group, LLC
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Vision, Purpose, Belief, & Background

Noel Pinnock is a visionary and strategist. He believes at the root of organizational effectiveness is human capital and in order to leverage scarce resources (manpower, methods, material, machines, money), the business/organization must adequately invest in creating high performing teams that can get the job done.

The purpose of the NAP Group is to support commercial businesses, government agencies, local municipalities as well as non-profit organizations reach increased levels of productivity and synergy through a myriad of 
industry trade secrets that have been proven to revitalize and transform organizations to meet the bottom line and profit margins.

Noel's core belief is that our energy will convert to voice and one message! He represents the Chief Turnaround Agent in the group while partnering with other experts to provide high quality and reliable services.

Noel's background is very diverse. He is a certified business consultant under Main Event Management and holds a M.P.A. with concentrations in Urban Development, City Planning, and Human Resources Management. Additionally, Noel is an adjunct graduate school professor at Springfield College.

He is a recent graduate of the National Forum of Black Public Administrator's Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) Program in which he received intense training from national leaders in the following topical areas:

  • Strategic Visioning for Public Organizations
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making and Communication
  • Policy Development/Analysis
  • Modeling/Organizational Theory
  • Self Awareness
  • Partnership Building (Public Public/Public Private)
  • Resource Development and Allocation
  • Local Government Management
  • Community/Economic Development
  • Globalization/Multiculturalism
  • Intergovernmental Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Labor Negotiations/Collective Bargaining
  • Environmental Management
  • Change Management
  • Community Building/Citizen Engagement