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Client Testimonies & Calculated ROI!

Client Testimonies Noel Pinnock saw the social networking trend early.

 “I have the extreme pleasure of writing this brief recommendation for Noel, he is an exclusive person when comes to Organizational Development & Training, He was a great resource in helping anyone to understand and apply the HR policies and employment laws. Noel is a strong HR professional who is a team player, self motivated and is very committed to supporting his customer's in achieving their business goals. I would highly recommend him for any human resources position.”

Lemuel Inaganti, Recruiter, IIC Systems Pvt Ltd was with another company when working with Noel at City of Houston

“Noel is a rare breed, I don't know if you would refer to him as a techy savvy businessman, or a business savvy technologist. Regardless of where he falls in the spectrum or classification, here is what I can say of Noel: - Understands business process to an astonishing degree, how to look at it organically/holistically. -Has a very good grasp of how technology can enable, without buying into the false promises of technology curing every problem. -Leads others well, yet can be led when the situation calls for it. -Big picture thinker not afraid to roll up his sleeves and execute tactically. Noel is one of those guys who is a pleasure to see in a senior staff meeting, the guy who get's it and knows how to accomplish progress towards a goal. Two thumbs up from me.”

Jimmy Lewis, Director, SAP was a consultant or contractor to Noel at City of Houston

“Noel is a man of integrity and high principles. He has tremendous creativity and imagination, is capable of thinking way outside the box and has a true gift for motivating people around him.”

Bob Dunn
, Founder & Publisher, FortBendNow Inc. was with another company when working with Noel at City of Houston

“I had the privileged of working on many projects with Noel (from ERP to Strategic Projects for Executives) over the years. He truly understands the importance of team work and managing groups of people to “accomplish pre-determined objectives through others”. I would love the opportunity to work with him again.”

Anthony Garcia, Independent SAP Public Sector PMO Consultant, AAR Group Inc.
worked with Noel at City of Houston

“I highly recommend Noel Pinnock's insight, intellect and dedication as a Houston businessman and community leader. Among his many talents, Noel is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker, who has the unique ability to reach into his audiences' heart and plant a message of hope and desire and inspire each to elevate their goals to achieve their dreams. Recently, it was exhilarating for me as a marketing strategist, to witness as Noel’s dynamic charisma and targeted message impacted a room full of Senior Level Executives.”

Melody Bizego, Corporate Identity Manager, Mustang CAT was a consultant or contractor to Noel at City of Houston

“Very bright Conscientious individual, works well with peers and his work is highly respected. Noel is a great addition to any employer and his value is immeasurable.”

Ronnie Riles, Systems Support Specialist, HISD worked with Noel at City of Houston

“I met Noel during a political campaign and was impressed with his knowledge of the complex issues in his campaign and his dedication to personal responsibility and fiscal conservatism - two qualities lacking in many current day candidates for public office.”

Bob Smither, Candidate for US Congress, Texas District 22, Libertarian Party was with another company when working with Noel at City of Houston

A Return on Investment (ROI)* calculation results in a value that represents the benefits received from a project against the total costs of the project. That's basically all there is to it, but if you ask ten different accountants how to calculate ROI the chances are that you would get ten different answers. A certain amount of "poetic license" can also be evident, depending on whether the person crunching the numbers is "for" or "against". This does not mean that it is impossible to arrive at a reasonable and sensible ROI figure.

If you search around for information on ROI calculation you will find many examples of "Calculating ROI for IT projects/engineering projects/training/asset acquisition, etc." You will be seeking to justify your contract with The NAP Group, LLC but what must not be forgotten is that the principles for building a business case for any project are broadly similar. The standard ROI calculation can be simply expressed as follows:

return on investment

If you need to calculate the annual percentage savings over a period of years the original calculation can be developed further. Let's say,


In this example the sum of the benefits and costs for each year are divided by the number of years used in the calculation, (three).

OK - we now have our formula, but the overriding problem is that some of the benefits of a calculating the ROI may be intangible. Calculating the costs should be relatively easy, the clever part is in being able to determine or forecast what the tangible benefits will be. Many departments will not be able to provide an accurate figure for their total annual maintenance budget. If this total is not available you will have to use what figures you do have.

Example: A small maintenance department spends $40K per year on overtime. With a goal of halving this, it is estimated that the re-engineered business or technical process implementation can reduce it to $31K in the first year, $23K in the second year and $20K in the third year. Implementation and software costs are 18K for the first year, 8K for the second year and 4K for the third year.


Assuming that the estimated overtime savings are met this means that you can demonstrate a 53.33% ROI per year for the first three years on overtime savings alone. Savings on other costs such as headcount, inventory and production downtime can be calculated in a similar way.

Ultimately, using this model, the cost of using our services is fairly easy to justify.

*Above material courtesy of Perspective CMMS